Earn Money for Your School at Albertson's

*Come by and pick up your Albertson's Southside "Community" card and earn 1% for the BUCS everytime you shop!

 Shop at Office Depot and earn 5% for Southside by giving the following special code:


SJH also collects Community Coffee Labels to earn money for our school. Please save those for Southside and turn them into the office to help us raise money for our school.

Shop online at more than 100 of your favorite retailers!  Go to and register your name, address and date of birth.  Select a school by entering (our school zip code-70726) and search for Southside Junior High.  When you shop on line, access the retailer through the Box Top portal.  There are no extra fees, you can still use discounts, coupons or gift cards and (school) will receive a percentage of your purchase.  Note that cookies must be enabled in order for the Marketplace to work properly and we do not receive credit if you do not access the retailer through the Box Top Marketplace portal.  From time to time retailers may offer additional discounts and coupons to Box Top Marketplace users.  Ask friends, relatives and local businesses to register and make purchases through the Marketplace.  Funds will be credited to our Box Top account approximately 45 days after purchase.  There are tons of retailers such as Target and many others that are available to shop at through this program.


These box tops are worth 10 cents each and they can add up quickly. These funds will help out technology department in purchasing needed items. This has become an important fundraiser for our school. This past school year we raised over $700.

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