Buccaneers Band


Rebecca Gambino, Band Director


Performing Ensembles at Southside:  


 Beginning Band-This ensemble is comprised of students who have never played a band instrument before.  These students learn how to read music, as well as a  variety of notes on their instruments.  Most of these students are in the 6th grade.

Advanced Band-This ensemble is comprised of student swho have played a band instrument for one or more years.  These students perform at select home football games in addition to their concerts.  Most of these students are in 7th and 8th grade.


Students are allowed to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities as well as Band.  Each band member must provide his or her own instrument, as well as a yearly band fee, in the amount of $50.  For those students who will be using a " school owned" instrument, other than a "percussion" instrument,  there will be an additional, yearly fee of $60 to cover band instrument cleaning and maintenance. For those students who will be using a "school owned percussion instrument", there is a one-time $60 fee to purchase a percussion instrument bag.. Each band student is also required to make a "one time band shirt purchase" in the amount of $20.  Advanced band students will receive their band shirt upon receipt of payment.  6th grade band shirts will be distributed in the fall. The band fee, band instrument cleaning/maintenance fee, and band percussion instrument bag fee are due by Nov. 1st.


Each band presents two concerts each year.  The first concert is before Christmas and the other is in the spring.  Each band participates in at least one festival. 


For further information and weekly updates, please see Mrs. Gambino’s class website.



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